White Oak Ice Company, PA NJ

Ice Products

Large storage freezers allow us to warehouse large amounts of bagged crushed ice and distribute by the truckload to accomadate any size order at any time of the year.

Bags of Crushed Ice
We package our clean crushed ice in bags ranging in size from 5 to 50 pounds. These can be ordered in advance from us or can be picked up at our self-serve locations.

Ice Luges
Make an impression at your next party with an ice luge scultped by our very own craftsman. Pour your favorite drink down the carved track on top and your drink will be chilled when you receive it at the bottom. Ice luges are made to order, so these should be ordered in advance.

Blocks of Ice
300lb solid blocks of ice are available for purchase. This is what we carve our ice luges out of.

Ice Trailers
We have portable refrigerated ice trailers that are available for rent. These little trailers are perfect to park at your next party, company event or community function. Contact us for availability and rates.

Bags of Ice
Ice Luge Portable Ice Trailers